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How Therapy Works

How will therapy help me?


Having a therapist to talk to about your challenges can have positive ripple effects in all areas of your life. You will likely find that therapy improves your social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

How can therapy have such a big impact? Our brains are wired in such a way that our thoughts, emotions, and physical responses are interconnected. You can more easily cope when life is tough when you understand and regulate the interconnections.

  • Move toward contentment and happiness, and improve your work performance by managing your emotional responses.

  • Improve your relationships by learning about yourself.

  • Gain physical and emotional strength by overcoming your symptoms.


You deserve to thrive!

What can I expect from therapy?

Therapy (or counseling) is a low-pressure “conversation with a purpose.” When you come into the office or meet your therapist virtually, you get to take the lead and talk about what you want.

Your therapist will always be right there with you. Together, you will decide on and work toward your goals.

Your role in the process is to be open and honest with yourself. We are here to support you and help you find the tools you need to accomplish your goals.

Therapy is always about your growth and healing.

How long will I need to participate in therapy?


You get to decide when you are finished with therapy. Here are a few signs that you no longer need to participate:

  • You have overcome your major challenges.

  • You have newfound energy, interest in activities, and enthusiasm for life.

  • You are confident in your ability to handle current and future stressors.


Yes, you can get to this point! Right now it may seem like you will never feel whole again, but we offer you hope through therapy.

When you begin, we encourage you to commit to regular sessions so you can gain momentum in your healing process. Weekly meetings with a therapist are often most productive, and we will work with you to decide on a schedule that truly meets your needs.

We are here for you as long as you need us.

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